At some point you may wish to have an entire directory (and all those under it) password protected. We have created a CGI script which should make this process easier for you. If you understand Apache's .htaccess file then you can skip this and just manually create one in the directories you want with the correct settings. If all of what follows sounds like gobbledy-gook then please email and we'll help you set it up. Otherwise read on...

How to set it up

Firstly the directory you are protecting must exist already.

You can then access Yali's control panel or Onza's control panel (depending on your hosting account) to setup this password protection.

You will then be given a choice of all the directories which can be protected. Choose the one you want, supply a username and password and a resource name. If you use the same resource name more than once then anyone with access to one directory has access to the other. This is a feature of Apache but may not be what you expect. If you want completely separate areas, give each a different name.

Once you are happy hit submit. If anything goes wrong please report it to me. (

Test that your password and username works. If you can't get it to work then check you followed the instructions correctly and then contact me.

If you enter the same data but with different usernames and passwords then these will be added to the list. In this way, multiple users may access your password protected area.

Removing protection

To remove the protection on a directory, access the Yali's control panel or Onza's control panel (depending on your hosting account) which will again prompt you for your password and then prompt you for the directory you wish to unprotect.

Again, choose the directory and hit submit. It should delete the relevant files and access will be free again.