Android client

This guide is a complete walkthrough for setting up an Android phone to retrieve email from an account hosted on lynx, yali or onza. Please note that apps change over time, and some Android vendors ship a custom email app, so the details may not exactly match these. The overall process should be similar though.

You will need to have configured a mailbox and password. If you have an existing mailbox, but can't remember the password, you can always reset the password through the customer control panel

First you will need to start the email application. The standard Android app is called simply Email.

(Android 2.2 has an extra first screen: choose Other and not "MS Exchange".) Enter the mailbox name and corresponding password. Then select Manual setup.

You can use POP3 or IMAP. We recommend IMAP, especially if you will also be accessing your email from other devices.

Set IMAP server to or or if your account is on onza, to Set Port to 993, and set the Security type to SSL / TLS. (Android 2.2: this option is called SSL.)

The completed page for the incoming settings. Note that we are leaving the IMAP path prefix empty.

Outgoing settings. Whichever of our servers your email is hosted on, set the SMTP server to Set Port to 465, set the Security type to SSL / TLS. (Android 2.2: this option is called SSL.)

The completed Outgoing settings page. Make sure the Require sign-in box is ticked. The Username and Password will already be correct; they are the same as for Incoming.

On the final page, you can pick the options which will best suit your style of working. You can always change them later through the Settings menu within the Email app.