DNS Settings

If you are unclear about the differences between domain name registration, DNS, and hosting, we recommend you read our Introduction to Domain Names and the DNS.

Mythic Beasts registration, Mythic Beasts DNS

The simplest scenario is where your domain registration is held with Mythic Beasts and you wish to use our nameservers. Find the domain in the My Domains page of our control panel. On the details click on the hosting settings checklist. This page will allow you to automatically configure DNS and to connect your domain to your hosting account.

Domain registered with other provider, Mythic Beasts DNS

If your domain is registered with another registrar, and you would like us to provide DNS for it, you can either transfer the registration to Mythic Beasts or you can add it as a third party domain. Once you have done this, the domain will appear under My Domains and you will be able to configure DNS as described above.

If you choose to keep the registration with your existing provider, you will need to set the nameservers for your domain to the Mythic Beasts authoritative nameservers using your existing registrar's control panel.

DNS provided by third party

If we are not providing DNS for a domain which we host, you will need to configure DNS records as follows. When creating DNS records, you will probably have to provide a value for "TTL". 3600 (1 hour) is a good default choice.

DNS settings for websites hosted with Mythic Beasts

You should use the settings applicable to your hosting account.

For a web hosting account on yali:

example.com.        A
www.example.com.    A
example.com.        AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::10
www.example.com.    AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::10

For a web hosting account on onza:

example.com.        A
www.example.com.    A
example.com.        AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::11
www.example.com.    AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::11

For a web hosting account on lynx:

example.com.        A
www.example.com.    A
example.com.        AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::33
www.example.com.    AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::33

For a web hosting account on ocelot:

example.com.        A
www.example.com.    A
example.com.        AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::34
www.example.com.    AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::34


If you are using Mythic Beasts for email services, then you need to add two MX records of equal preference. The below example would add our two MX records to example.com with preference of 10:
example.com.        MX   10   mx1.mythic-beasts.com
example.com.        MX   10   mx2.mythic-beasts.com