HTTPS hosting

Historically, websites have been hosted using the http protocol. This protocol is insecure: between your users and your website is not encrypted, and can be intercepted or altered. The secure version of http is known as https, and it is this protocol that triggers the green padlock in a browser:
Screenshot of HTTPS location bar
Enabling https used to be expensive and complicated, so it was generally only used for sensitive sites, such as those requiring passwords or credit card details. Times have changed, and if your site is hosted with Mythic Beasts, enabling HTTPS hosting is free and easy. Moreover, Google (and others) are increasingly pushing for https to become the default. Google already boost search rankings for https sites, and they are rolling out changes to the Chrome browser that will label http sites as "insecure".

Enabling HTTPS for your Mythic Beasts-hosted website

Please note: To enable https on your site, we must already be hosting the http version of your site. If you're configuring a new site with Mythic Beasts, make sure that you can access your site via http before enabling https. If you're transferring an existing https site to us, please see our separate support page.

To get started, log in to our customer control panel, click on "Hosting and shell accounts", and click through to the hosting account for your site.  Now find your site in the list, and click on "web settings": If you have both a "www" prefixed and bare version, as above, you'll want to do both.  On the web settings page, scroll down to the "security" section:

Click, hit "save changes":

We've got plans to make this faster, but for the moment, you'll need to wait a few minutes.  We'll go and obtain a certificate for your site, and once installed update your site so that it redirects to the HTTPS by default. Browse to your website, and you should see the green padlock:

Screenshot of HTTPS location bar

If you haven't got a working HTTPS site within 10 minutes, email us - we're here to help.